Friday, March 27, 2015

Date Night at the SuperLux!

Last week, Travis and I had the privilege of going on a date.  Yep...a real date that didn't include Owen!  Travis' parents were up for a long weekend and were gracious enough to keep Owen so we could get away for a few hours.

We have been hearing really great things about the SuperLux theater in Chestnut Hill (outside of Boston) and wanted to see a movie there.  It did NOT disappoint!  What an awesome experience!

The Showcase Superlux isn't your typical movie theater.  Dark wood, modern furniture, full bar...who knew movie-going could be such a swanky experience!  We seriously felt under-dressed.

After hanging out in the lobby for a little while, we were ushered to our theater and seats.  None of that checking-the-ticket-and-sending-you-on-your-way're ushered to your theater here!  They explained what was included in our ticket and how to order dinner, and left us to look over the menu.

We thought we might be the only ones at the movie.  Who else would be going to see Imitation Game (a movie that has been out for a month) on a Thursday at 5pm?  We had the theater to ourselves for a while, but finally 4 or 5 others wandered in.

With the SuperLux ticket, you get your own, reserved leather recliner.  Every two recliners are separated from another set, so you're not right next to a stranger - pretty nice!  The seats were soft, the feet reclined all the way out and there was enough room in in front of the seats for people to walk in front of you.  It's a bummer to have to put your feet up and down at other theaters with reclining chairs when there isn't enough room for those in the middle to get through (#FirstWorldProblems).  Every seat also has a call button for your waiter, if you need a refill or want to order some food during the movie.

Back to the food:  the menu was great - lots of options and creative apps!  We ordered Steak & Cheese Springrolls with spicy ketchup, the SuperLux Burger with guacamole (to split), and drinks (Travis got a S'mores martini and I got a mango strawberry mixed drink).  Everything was delicious.

Buttered popcorn and drink refills are included in the price of the ticket (along with a $5 food credit per ticket), so we asked for those immediately (of course!).  I rarely order popcorn at theaters, so I'd forgotten how good it is!  Maybe that's a good thing...

The movie was fantastic - now I see what all the fuss was about!  It was so nice to go to the movies without neon signs, loud music, or long lines.  It was a quiet evening, which is what I really needed since I haven't been feeling like myself lately.

After the movie, we decided to walk around the Chestnut Hill Mall for a while.  I haven't been to that mall without a purpose before, so I didn't realize how small it was!  So much for walking around a lot.  We spent most of our time in Brooks Brothers marveling at how CRAZY EXPENSIVE everything was.  I'm used to Brooks Brothers outlets...holy cow, prices are different at the real thing!

Guess how much the shoe below cost.  No really...guess...


I don't get it.

Before heading home, we swung past Cheesecake Factory and picked up a few slices to split with Trav's parents back at the house.

It was a fun night out with my sweetest husband!

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