Friday, March 13, 2015

Shower Favors: Marshmallow Baby Rattles

Earlier, I told you about the chocolate dipped pretzel giraffes I made for my friend Barb's baby shower.  Since I was already dipping things in chocolate, I decided to make some favors too.  If you're doing favors at a baby shower, it should either be really awesome or edible.  Don't waste your money on a trinket no one will want to keep.

These white chocolate marshmallow baby rattles are easy to make and super cute!  All you need is...

Short lolly pop sticks
Large marshmallows
Small marshmallows
White chocolate
Sprinkles (I used pink and clear ones mixed together)
Wax paper
Clear bags & Ties (optional)

First, pour some sprinkles into a shallow bowl or plate.  After you melt the chocolate, dip the tip of the lolly pop stick in the chocolate and stick it halfway into the large marshmallow.

Coat the outside of the marshmallow in white chocolate (all sides), wipe off the excess, and roll it in the sprinkles to coat.  Once it's completely coated, gently lay the pop on your wax paper and let sit until hard.

Once hardened, do the same on the other end with a small marshmallow.  Dip the tip in chocolate, add marshmallow, coat with chocolate, roll in sprinkles, and set.

Once they're completely firm, tie a bow around the stick toward the large marshmallow.  If you're using as party favors, you'll need to bag them individually!

Super cute and SUPER sweet!  You could also skip the sugar and sprinkles and use colored chocolates - the possibilities are endless.  Just have fun with it!

What was your favorite baby shower favor?

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