Friday, March 6, 2015

Owen's Room

I had a lot of fun getting Owen's room ready for his arrival!  I love painting and making things anyway, so "nesting" went into overdrive.  We needed to turn our guest room into Owen's room...but it still had to function for visitors.  That meant we had to move everything except for the bed out of the room.  DVD towers went in the basement and the other furniture landed in our office (bookshelf, antique desk, and lamp).

First the finished product...then the how!

The first thing I picked out was the bedding (from Pottery Barn).  It was more than I'd ever want to spend on bedding (but I love it soooo much), so Travis and I decided to make it our anniversary present to ourselves.  The quilt has elephants, giraffes, rhinos and pandas on it - too cute.  I decided Owen needed funky giraffes for his wall, so I found a really fun picture on pinterest to paint!  We went to Michaels to get a canvas, I printed out my guide, and got to work.  I drew the giraffes using patterns that were found elsewhere in the room - stripes from the baskets and bed, chevron on the rug, circles on the fitted sheet.  Turned out pretty cute, huh?

Next up - the bookshelf!  We bought an 8-cubby "Expidit" from IKEA and 4 accompanying baskets.  I like the white, but thought it needed a little something else, so we spiced it up with blue and green stripes.  Since these baskets have a nice weave, it's really easy to do - just paint along the weaves as you go and you're golden.  Even only have to paint the stripes on the front since the sides are hidden.  Much better!

Poor Travis had to put together all of the furniture by himself, since I was completely immobilized with a broken leg.  The Expidit was a piece of cake to assemble. The crib was a little more difficult, and the dresser/changing table took foreverrrrrrr.  Before the dresser was assembled, we had our neighbor help us cut a few inches from the legs so it would be the appropriate height for changing a baby.

It was fun bargain hunting for everything in the room, and I'm proud to say that almost everything in that room was found at a discount (either from a store like TJ Maxx/IKEA or on sale).

Only thing sweeter is the baby in the room!

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  1. What a great room! I am so interested to learn how it works out having the room be shared with guests!

    I have to say though that my favorite photo of the bunch is with Owen on the bed "petting" the dog. Too cute for words!