Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Home from the hospital & the worst Christmas ever

Our story left off at the hospital - 36 hours of labor, a close call, c section and TV appearance.  Read more (and see pictures) here.

After 4 days in the hospital, we were SO ready to go home.  We packed up our baby and bags (including several bags of free gear the nurses gave us!), and made our way home.  We were greeted by my parents and one excited puppy!

When we got home, we were all excited to hear how Mark's trip to Atlanta went to buy an engagement ring for his now-fiance Megan.  The ring was burning a hole in his pocket - once he had it, there was no waiting to pop the question!  He proposed the next day on one of their walks through Umstead Park.  A baby and proposal in 5 days - the Colbert family had a good week!!!
Didn't Mark do a great job?  (With his lady AND the ring!)

The first few days home were how I'd expect all first days home are - exhausting but amazing.  Owen wasn't such a good sleeper the first few weeks - his nights and days were completely backward, and he hardly slept!  Owen is one alert little baby - that makes for a lot of fun play time, but many sleepless nights.  I spent most of my time in our rocker/recliner due to the c section, as I wasn't able to lay down in the bed.  Mom and dad were an enormous help, and we were so sad to see them leave.  The good news was that Travis' family would be coming up in a few days, and my parents would be back that next week!

Here are a few pictures from the first weeks home!

Burp burp burp

Hangin with his friend, Vivienne

The next week, Travis' family came back up to celebrate Christmas here in Boston.  This was also the first time Sarah and Michael (Travis' sister and her boyfriend) would meet Owen, so we couldn't wait to see them!  

On Christmas Eve, Travis, Terry and Michael went to Park Street for the Christmas Eve service, where Travis was playing trumpet. Sarah and Jenny stayed home with Owen and me (I was in no shape to leave the house, and Owen was barely more than a week old at this point!).  When they got home, we all had dinner together...and that's when things turned sour.  

Terry went to bed shortly after dinner (before opening any presents), which was strange to us.  We brushed it off as leftover exhaustion from the long drive the day before, until I awoke to the sound of someone throwing up.  Things got worse throughout the night, and we finally ended up calling an ambulance Christmas morning to take him to the hospital.  He was admitted with NOROVIRUS, but was thankfully released after a day of fluids.

Travis' mom and dad decided to check into a hotel, since it wouldn't be wise to bring someone with norovirus back into the house with a 1 week old baby.  As they were checking into the hotel, Sarah started to feel bad...and then the throw-ups hit her.  On the way to pick Sarah up (she was to be banished to the hotel, too), Jenny got sick.  We were dropping like flies!  Owen and I sat in my rocker/ germ-free bubble zone in the living room while Michael and Travis tried to clean things up, and then all the NC Alfords went to their hotel.  

Travis and I sat quietly in our house, sad his family was sick...sad we all missed Christmas...and terrified we were next.  

Then, 3 hours later, it happened.  Travis got the bug.  Then Michael threw up.  

Owen and I were the last ones standing, and I freaked out.  Throwing up 1 week after having major abdominal surgery sounded like it would kill me.  And worse would be a 1 week old baby getting norovirus.  I. Freaked. Out.

First I called my parents.  Then I called every doctor I've ever seen.  The advice was "don't use the bathroom everyone threw up in" (we only have one bathroom...we were doomed), "wash your hands" (my hands were bleeding, I'd washed them so many times), and "call us if either of you get sick". 

My parents got in the car to drive up earlier than planned, since I was still barely able to stand up with Owen and was officially on my own.  While they were on their way, the Boston reinforcements came in: my nextdoor neighbor Ali, and the most fantastic cleaning lady ever, Maria.  Thankfully, I'd called Maria the night before, when 3 of the 7 were sick, to see if she could come bleach our entire apartment.  As she was coming in, Ali came back over, realized I was about to lose it, helped me with Owen, washed everything porous in our apartment, and helped me stay sane.   

Ali, the angel
That evening, my parents pulled in and relieved Ali.  The next day, Travis was feeling some better and was released from his prison (bedroom), and we started to put everything back together again.

Three days after Christmas, we opened presents.

Travis was allowed out of the bedroom if (and only if) he wore gloves, a mask, and sat on a blanket.  NO GERMS!!!

Here is our attempt to look like we'd had a normal Christmas.  Still a happy family, even through the giant mess of Christmas 2014.  Thankfully, Owen was none the wiser.  

New Years Eve

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  1. It’s always nice to read about new mothers and their precious babies. However am sorry about the norovirus, you are lucky things turned out for the better. I had a similar ordeal when I had just delivered my firstborn and I must admit it is scary especially for a new mother. Luckily for us my husband is a doctor and we managed to seek medical attention on the first onset of the symptoms. Say hi to the baby for me.

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers