Saturday, March 21, 2015

I discovered Children's Orchard

This afternoon I made an amazing discovery...Children's Orchard!  I was in Burlington at the mall, walking around, and remembered a friend had mentioned a really great children's second-hand store in Billerica.  After a little googling, I decided she must have been talking about Children's Orchard, and I was on my way.

The store wasn't huge, but was packed to the brim with clothes, toys, strollers, and baby accessories.  Thankfully the sections were nicely marked, so I knew exactly where to go to start my search.

I must admit, second-hand stores (and even places like an untidy Marshall's or sales racks that are just thrown together) often times drive me crazy.  If things are a big mess, I can't deal.  I love a good bargain, but can't stand sifting thru a mess for an hour to maybe end up with one piece.  Thankfully, Children's Orchard wasn't like this.  In my opinion, if the racks are more organized, you're going to sell more (at least you will to me!) because someone will look longer!  ...that's exactly what happened here.

I (and Owen) racked up!

He got 2 summer hats and 8 outfits for $40...all in great shape (no stretched necks or spots), and some with the original tags still on them!  I actually picked out about twice as much as I went home with, but put most back so I could still face husband when I got home.  Hehe...

Now a look at the loot!

Left - Genuine Major League Merchandise Red Sox romper ($4.99)
Middle - Adidas  Red Sox onesie ($2.99)
Right - Carter's shirt and puppy overalls ($4.99)

Left - Ralph Lauren Polo Romper *with the tag still on* ($5.99)
Middle Top - Plaid The Children's Place hat (normally $10-12, purchased for $2.99)
Lower Top - Faded Glory collared onesie ($2.99)
Right - Carter's romper ($3.99)

Top - Gymboree hat ($2.99)
Two Carter's sleveless rompers ($3.99 each)

I passed on a Bumbo chair that I'm now regretting - it was $18!  Maybe I'll convince myself to go back later and see if it's still there.

If you're in the Boston area, it's worth it to make a trip to Children's Orchard!

Even better, they have franchise locations (can't speak about the other stores, but I assume they're good, too!) in Alaska, California, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin!

Get to shoppin', mamas!

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