Sunday, March 15, 2015

Owen rolls over!

Today was a big milestone for little Owen...he rolled over for the first time!

The last few days, I've been rolling him back and forth (tummy to back) and helping him prop up on his arms, hoping he'd get the picture in a few weeks.  Apparently it "took" faster than I expected, because when I put him on his tummy today, he flipped right over!

Poor Travis missed it, as he was at the Boston Saint Patrick's Day Parade with his Italian marching band (yep...that's a thing).  Thankfully Owen put on quite a show for him when he got home.  I was happy to be able to share the excitement with my parents, who happened to facetime 15 seconds before our little bug flipped over!

This wasn't a fluke either.  He thinks it's a lot of fun!

I'm sure it'll be next to impossible to do tummy time now (which he hates) since he can get out of it.

I've never been more proud!


  1. Go Owen! Do tricks!! So much fun seeing they learn new things!