Friday, August 16, 2013

Jackson Hole - Horseback Riding and a Chuckwagon Dinner

Our fifth day in Jackson Hole was spent with horses.  Specifically, horseback riding in the morning, and a chuckwagon dinner (drawn by horses of course!) at night!  I was soooo excited about both of these activities.  We decided to head back to Teton Village for the horseback riding, with Teton Village Trail Rides.  They have 1, 2 and 4 hour rides available - we thought 1 was too short (by the time you's time to stop!) and 4 was obviously too long, so we decided to go with the 2 hour ride.  Poor husband's bad back would not allow him to ride a bouncing horse for 2 hours, so he stayed back at the house that morning to rest up.

We all hopped on our respective horses and headed out and into the woods.

The trail took us up the side of a hill, through the woods, and down through a field.  The guides were great, and it was so nice to ride through all the beautiful nature all morning!

Once we got back to the stables, we hopped off our horses, said thanks for a great ride, and headed back to the cabin to get husband and get cleaned up.  Then we headed into town to play a little putt of the staples of any Colbert vacation.  The Snow King Resort has a lot of fun little things to do, like putt putt, an alpine slide, and bouncy jump things - great afternoon fillers.  Their putt putt course is no frills, but interesting and fun!

Then we made our way toward our evening plans, and to one of the things I was most excited about on our trip - a chuckwagon dinner!   Our tour was through the Bar-T-5 ranch.  The entire evening was so fantastic - extremely organized, friendly staffers, delicious food, and a cute show.

I'll admit, when we were waiting for the start of the evening, I saw all the other people that were there to participate with us and thought it was going to be a disaster.  Howww would they get 75-100 people on these chuckwagons and to dinner in a timely manor?  Would we all have to sit on different wagons?  Thankfully, Bar-T-5 has this down to a science, and every group is assigned a wagon (A, B, C...) and a dinner table (1, 2, 3...) when they come in.  We were happy to see our assignment as A1 - sounded promising to me!

After a brief intro from the owner, everyone loaded the wagons and we took off for dinner.  The ride brought us into Cache Creek Canyon, where we were "attacked" by Indians screaming by the chuckwagons on horses.  They came riding out of the woods RIGHT behind us and scared the bejesus out of me.  :)

Once we got to their camp, we unloaded, found our tables, the dinner bell was rung, and we dug in.  We were at lucky table number 1 and went first (whoop!).  Dinner was all you can eat and SO good - BBQ chicken, roast beef with gravy, corn on the cob, (yummy) baked beans, salad, and rolls.  While we ate, they put on a show - a mixture of a (family friendly) comedy routine and music from their house band.

Annnnnd on the way home, we found another moose!  This guy was hangin' out, eatin' some reeds by a pond.  What a life.  :)

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  1. This seriously looks like an amazing vacation...oh how I miss riding horses!!

    How is Travis doing??

  2. This looks like sooo much fun! Cant wait to go horseback riding in the fall.

    new follower btw :)

  3. You guys didn't miss anything on this trip!! You did it alllllll! I love the idea of a wagon ride, and I wish there were pictures of the "Indians" scaring you haha!

  4. I wanted to see the Indians. WOW! fun, fun, fun. You sure know how to do a vacation.
    When I lived in Cheyenne, the Indians came into town to do their war dances down the street during Frontier Days.

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