Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Floating down the Snake River - and lots of moose!

Tuesday morning, we got up bright and early (not an easy feat after our crazy long day at Yellowstone) for a rafting trip down the Snake River.  We booked our trip with Triangle X Ranch, and they were fantastic!  We met them near Jenny Lake, were put into boat groups, met our guide, and hopped in a van so they could take us to the river.

Our guide, Ray, was fantastic.  He'd moved to Jackson Hole a few months prior, but already knew a lot about the area and was super friendly.  He paddled us down the river and (most importantly) had a great eye for spotting wildlife.  On the boat trip, we saw 4 different Bald Eagles, lots of other birds, and a moose!  The trip was smooth and lasted about two hours, weaving us along some of the most beautiful Teton views ever.  We passed the spot Ansel Adams stood to take his famous picture of the mountain range, too - no doubt why he choose that spot.

Here are a few pictures from the trip!

After the float trip, we decided to head back to our cabin to get cleaned up.  On the way, we saw another moose...twice!  Little tip - if you're in Jackson Hole, make sure you happen by the intersection of Highways 22 and 390.  We saw 5 of our 6 moose within that 4 mile area!

This moose was hanging out in someone's backyard and had a huge rack (haha...)!  He was chewing on a tree up toward their house when we were headed home.  As we headed back into town a few hours later, he was still in the area...this time taking a sip of water from the pond.  He was a HUGE guy!

Downtown Jackson is really cute.  There are tons of restaurants and great shops.  Some of them freaked us out - toooo much dead animal for us!  After walking around for a while, we realized everyone was exhausted, so we headed home for the night and played cards.  Too much fun makes for 5 very exhausted people!  Up next is another hiking trip around a beautiful mountain!


  1. Your trip is too incredible for words! And I am so jealous you saw a moose!!! I spent four years in college in New Hampshire and have taken several trips through Vermont and Maine and still no moose for me!

    1. The moose is what I was the MOST excited about! I haven't seen one in New England either - apparently you need to go west. Ha!

  2. Breath taking pictures. WOW! You and your family had an awesome journey.

  3. I'm loving these pictures!! I love the idea of taking a river ride with those amazing surroundings. So glad you got pics of the moose :)