Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing Memorial

A few weeks ago I went to a Young Women in Digital event in downtown Boston.  The event was called "Cupcakes and Careers"...so how could I not go?  After work, I headed into town and was happy to realize it only took me about 20 minutes to get in AND park, so I was left with some time to kill.  The event was at the Back Bay Social Club on Boylston Street, so I decided to head a little further down and see the Boston Marathon bombing memorial.  Right after the bombings, the community set up a memorial at the main barricade.  Once the street opened backup, they moved the memorial to Copley Square, where it quickly quadrupled in size.

I parked at the Prudential center, so as I made my way to Copley Square, I paused at each of the bombing sites.  This was my first time back on Boylston Street since the bombings, and I was surprised at how chilling everything was.  This street I walked every day the first few years we lived here, forever changed.

The second bombing spot.  Forum still hasn't reopened.

The first bombing site, near the finish line.

First bomb went off in front of Marathon Sports.

Then I made my way to the memorial.  They took the memorial down the day after I visited, so I was lucky to see it.  There must have been thousands of running shoes, hats, signatures on posters, shirts, and wishes for the victims and their families.

Here are a few pictures of the memorial before it was moved to Copley, a week after the bombings.  We walked over one beautiful Sunday after church.  People were all over the Public Garden and the surrounding area, but once we approached the barricade, everyone was silent, paying their respects.  It was eerie to see Boylston street completely empty and both heartbreaking and inspiring to see all the notes and goods people left at the memorial.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Lauren. It is a sad, heartbreaking commentary. I pray for our country!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these pics Lauren - I wish I could have seen the memorials in person... I'm definitely going to go down there when I'm in Boston next month.