Friday, July 26, 2013

More of my Favorite Things - Trivia Night, Heart Rate Watch, Trader Joe's Find, and the NatureBox winner

Happy Friday!  I'm always happy to see Friday come around, but am even more excited this week.  Why, you may ask?  Well...tomorrow we head out for a vacation!  We're going to Jackson Hole (WY) and Yellowstone for a little adventure and R&R, and I can't wait!

YOU, on the other hand, may be excited it's Friday because I'm announcing the winner of the NatureBox giveaway that started Monday.  :)  In addition to announcing the lucky person who will be receiving a bunch of yummy snacks in a few weeks, I'm also going to share a few of other new favorite things with you today.

Heart Rate Watch - I mentioned a few weeks ago how I found a heart rate monitor at Target.  I was totally overwhelmed by the instructions that came with it (they were seriously the size of a map), but once Travis helped me go through them, we realized they didn't need to be that in depth - it was actually quite simple!

You enter your height, weight, gender, date & time information and any daily goals you may have (steps, miles and/or calories burned), strap on the watch and start working out!  Everything seems to work well except for the pulse feature - it's a little finicky.
A 25 minute run/walk session is even more exciting when you realize you burned 350 calories!  Whoop!

Trivia - A few weeks ago, a group of friends had our first "Trivia Night" experience at a local restaurant, The Brickyard.  It was so. much. fun.  The Brickyard hosts trivia in their basement lounge, so we hung out on a long sofa, ate lots of food, and spewed knowledge all over the place.

Every time you turned in an answer, you also "bid" on it, based on how confident you were in your answer, which added another fun element to the game.  It wasn't just who got the most questions right!

Best of all, we won a $50 gift card to the restaurant, so we got a discount on our food.  I can already tell we're going to be regulars.

Trader Joe's Inner Peas - I'm in love with these new veggie snacks from TJ's.  My office is conveniently across the street from Trader Joe's so I go there frequently (ok...more than all the time).

A few weeks ago I noticed a new product situated right next to the registers, so I decided to give them a try.  These "Inner Peas" have 6 ingredients and 130 calories per 22 "peas".  The best part is they are REALLY great.  Light, slightly crispy, and a little salty - yum.  :)

If you live near a Trader Joe's, you should check them out STAT.

Ok - now for what you've been waiting for!  To pick the winner of the free NatureBox, I used  Congratulations, commenter number 14 - VICKY MAPLES!  Vicky said:

What a great concept to have and a great price too.  Corey and I have started to make a healthy lifestyle change to benefit our future for baby Sebastian.  It's nice that every month it changes that way you're not suck eating the same thing day after day getting bored and giving up.

I'll send you an email shortly so you can claim your prize.

If you're NOT Vicky, you can still give NatureBox a try.  If you use the coupon code NATURE to get 25% off your first month's order!

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  1. Have fun on your vacation Lauren!!!! I can't wait to see pictures :)