Monday, April 22, 2013

The Most Fabulous Sox Game Ever

Saturday we went to our first Red Sox game of the season.  After the rough week we had here in Boston, it was a much needed chance to get out of our heads and have some FUN in our city.

Our friend, Brooks, was able to get fantastic seats for us - standing room on the GREEN MONSTER!  Travis and I have sat all over the park, but the Green Monster was the one place we never thought we'd be able to sit.  It was such a fun place to watch the game...and what a game it was!

We got there a little early so we could secure a spot at the 'bar'.  Standing room 'seats' are on the top row of the monster and have a bar ledge for you to lean and eat on.  With Travis' back acting the way it is right now, this was actually better - he would have been miserable in those tiny wooden chairs.

The view from the monster!

Wally stamp!
Before the game, the Sox put on a beautiful ceremony honoring the Marathon bombing victims and the law enforcement officers that put an end to the terror last night.  After a video tribute, they brought out people that characterized this past week to throw the first pitch.  This included a victim of the bombing that had been released days ago, a first responder that jumped into action from his table at a restaurant nearby, and the Hoyts...Boston Marathon icons.  Each threw a pitch, while the Mayor, Governor  and many police officers formed an arch around them.

Then the game started!

If you've ever been to a game at Fenway, you know everyone looks forward to the 8th inning, when it's time to sing "Sweet Caroline".  This time, they announced they had a surprise for everyone.  Major League Baseball teams across the country had showed their support for Boston this week by adding some of our iconic songs to their games (like the "Cheers" Theme and "Sweet Caroline").  When Neil Diamond (who wrote "Sweet Caroline") heard this...and that the suspect was captured Friday night...he hopped on a plane to come sing "Sweet Caroline" AT the game!  So cool!!

It was a fantastic day and just what we needed to start getting over the last week.


  1. So glad I got to see pics from this game!

  2. So glad things are getting back to normal in Boston! What a great city :)
    Just out of curiosity, why do they sing Sweet Caroline at the games??

    1. Thanks Elena! We needed a dose of normal. :) From what I've ready, I think the lady in charge of the music at the game liked it and it just stuck. It's what people wait for in the game now - so much fun!

  3. I am so insanely jealous that you were at that game. Such an awesome ceremony! I would have loved to be there. And I really want to sit on the Green Monster. Someday! Glad you had a fun time.

    1. We were so lucky to end up with those tickets! It really was a beautiful ceremony. It'll work out someday - something will fall into your lap. :)