Saturday, April 13, 2013

Emerson Umbrella Art Show & Concord, MA

Last weekend I went to a fantastic Open Studio at the Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts in Concord, MA.  Our friend Lois Andersen shares a studio in the beautiful building with another talented painter, so I was excited to see some more of her work, since I've always enjoyed when she's displayed selections at Park Street Church.

The building was a beautiful old school building that has been renovated into artist studios.  With three floors, 55 artists, and lots of demonstrations going on, there was plenty to see!  Lois was sweet enough to show me around to some of her friends for a while, then I wandered through the rest of the building on my own.

Here's Lois and her studio-mate with some of their art!

Here are a few shots of the art.  There were so many things to see!  Pottery, oil paintings, jewelry, woven scarves, cartoons, sculptures, watercolor...the list goes on!  Here is a little taste.

This was a hands-on exhibition where kids were making rafts from nature that will be part of an Earth Day celebration.

After walking around the Open Studio for a few hours, I headed into downtown Concord.  Concord is one of my favorite little towns around Boston.  There's Walden Pond, a thousand historical sites to visit, fantastic restaurants (like 80 Thoreau), and several good antique stores I like to visit.  On this trip, I got a tiny antique metal sheep for myself and some old watch gears for Travis.  I'm planning on making the watch parts into some kind of steampunk pin for him to wear when the Gentlemen's Very (Very) High Art Society plays...or the next time we go to a Steampunk event.

Downtown Concord

Clever name, huh?

What are your favorite art exhibits?

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  1. Great pictures Lauren! Sounds like a great trip to Concord :) Makes me miss Massachusetts!