Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Night of the Living Composers - A New Music Concert in Costume

Happy Halloween!

Prior to Sandy's sweep through New England, we managed to get in lots of Halloween-type festivities.  In addition to the Halloweenie dachshund meet-up in Boston Common and cupcake baking this past Saturday, I also attended the first New Music Brandeis concert of the semester.  Since the concert fell so close to Halloween, the performers decided to dress in costume, which made the evening even more fun.

The concert had pieces by Travis Alford (husband!), Victorial Cheah, Richard Chowenhill, Peter VZ Lane, Mu-Xuan Lin, Jared Redmond, and Rebecca Sacks.  Here's a shot of all the composers and performers for the evening.

Husband had two pieces on the concert - one that he wrote for a composer/performer group at Brandeis (The Gentlemen's Very (Very) High Art Society of South Waltham) titled Trickle Down Tango, and an art song titled I Felt A Funeral.  The latter was written for a summer residency at New Music on the Point in Vermont.  Our friend Kim Soby, an extremely talented soprano, happened to be in Boston and was able to sing the piece.

Travis has dubbed Kim "His Soprano" because of how they met at New England Conservatory (each working toward their Masters).  Travis had written a piece for strings and soprano - a setting of the Bill of Rights - which was to be performed in Jordan Hall.  He is known for writing really difficult music, and this piece was no different.  Three days before the performance, his Soprano lost her voice and recommended Kim as a replacement, but since it had taken the group weeks of rehearsing, we weren't really hopeful the piece would be ready for the concert.  That assumption was made before anyone had met Kim...and was completely incorrect, because Kim (in two days) sung it perfectly.  A-mazing.  She's the best.

Travis, Kim (soprano), and Alexander (piano) after the concert

Here are a few other shots from the evening!

Hey you!  Down in front!

Even the stagehands dressed up!

After the concert there was a reception, during which my pumpkin cupcakes were devoured.  I wrote a how-to blog earlier this week so you can make buttercream pumpkin cupcakes too!  Check it out!

Also, you should check out Kim's blog.  If her beautiful voice wasn't reason enough to love her, she also has a CUPCAKE BLOG!

Now to prepare for trick-or-treaters!  Happy Halloween!

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