Monday, October 15, 2012

Healthier Brownies and Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

A few weeks ago on Pinterest, I saw someone who had made their own, healthier ice cream sandwiches, which I thought was a great idea!  I decided to make my own, mixing a few recipes I've seen over the last few months.  Here are two takes on the "better for you than a normal ice cream sandwich" - both use the same filling, just with different outsides.

The first (and Travis' favorite)  is a brownie ice cream sandwich.  Here's the twist - the brownie is made with black beans. beans!  Working for, I read a lot (a LOT) of healthy living blogs.  One of my favorite bloggers is Snack-Girl.  A few years ago she posted a "recipe" for healthier brownies that substituted black beans for the eggs and oil, but never tried it because I hate black beans.  But, with my self-delegated task of making healthier ice cream sandwiches, I decided to give it a shot and the results couldn't have surprised me more.  They were GREAT!  I mean really great - and even better when you think about the hundreds of calories you're saving!

All you need is a box of brownie mix (Ghirardelli Double Chocolate is my favorite) and a (15.5 oz) can of black beans.

Blend the unstrained black beans in a food processor or blender.  (I love my tiny food processor!)

Mix the brownie mix and black beans in a bowl, then pour into a greased pan.  Now...if you're just making the brownies, bake according to the directions on the back of the box.  If you're making the ice cream sandwiches, split the mix between two 8x8 greased pans and bake at 325 for 23-25 minutes.  You want thin brownies!

Cut each pan into 6 pieces (once down the middle, then into 3's).  Then fillet each one so you have even thinner brownies (so you can put filling between the two parts).  If you're having a hard time cutting the pieces in half, try putting the brownies in the freezer for a while first.

To make the "ice cream" mixture, you'll need one large tub of Cool Whip, a large box of Jello instant pudding (5.1 ounce), and 1.5 cups of milk (I used skim).

 Whisk the jello and milk (you're using half the milk the package calls for so it's a thicker filling).

 Fold in the whipped cream.

Now fill your brownies!  You can either spoon the filling in or be super fancy and pipe it onto the brownies.  If you don't have the proper tools, don't worry!  Fill a gallon-sized Ziploc bag with some of the filling and cut one tip off.

 Once filled, put the sandwiches back in the freezer overnight so they harden up.  SO good!

If you're looking for an even faster (and lower calorie) ice cream sandwich, swap the brownies with cinnamon sugar graham crackers!  I broke each cracker in half, so each "sandwich" is under 100 calories.  

What are some other filling/outside combinations you'd like to try?  These are a lot of fun...and much cheaper than Skinny Cow bars!


  1. ohhhh my gosh, these look amazing lauren!! please send them to canada :)

  2. Absolutely delicious. Was craving for a midnight snack and what a great way to help with your chocolate cravings. Delicious chewy and chocolaty, will definitely be making this again. Thank you for the recipe Healthy Brownie Recipes | Keep Healthy Living :)