Thursday, October 25, 2012

Picking Pumpkins and Discount Halloween Decorations

One of my favorite places to visit up here is a massive farm-stand, Wilson Farms.  It truly is a produce dreamland (or "foodie heaven" as they call it) and it's rumored that Julia Child shopped here when she lived in Cambridge.  It's THAT awesome.  They grow over 125 different crops, bake breads and other prepared foods in-house, and even grow their own flowers.

Another reason I love it so much is because it's (literally) the first place we went outside of the city when we moved here.  We'd lived in Boston for several months and had begun attending Hope Fellowship Church in Cambridge (Porter Square).  One day after church our friends Tyson and Kelly took us to Wilson Farm before we headed to their house for lunch.  I thought we were WAY outside of the city - like driven-to-New-Hampshire kind of outside.  (At this point, we didn't have a car and hadn't been outside of a 5 mile radius for about 6 months.)  Turns out we were only 15 miles from Boston proper (haha).  Needless to say, Wilson Farm has a bit of nostalgia for us.

Wilson Farm has so many great fall decorations, more pumpkins than I knew existed, a fun haunted hayride, and of course, their famed cider donuts.  Some of the pumpkins for sale weighed well over 100 pounds.

These are called "Peanut Pumpkins".  Appropriately named, huh?

Their long line of specialty pumpkins.  White pumpkins, green pumpkins, watermelon pumpkins, peanut pumpkins, fairy tale pumpkins...the list goes on and on.

Last year we got fairy tale pumpkins, which I loved.  This year we decided on three big 'ol regular orange ones so we could carve them later.  Now that "Frankenstorm" is on its way (aka Hurricane Sandy), I'm worried we won't be able to light them on Halloween!

The farm was beautiful.

It was funny to see the haunted hayride props throughout the farm.  Travis liked them a lot.  :)

We came home with our pumpkins, a big purple mum, and a funny cabbage plant for the front steps (pictures coming soon), which paired well with our exciting new Halloween decorations!  Last year, once Halloween was over, I hit a few stores to check out their discount prices and hit the jackpot, so this year we're stocked with plenty of crazy, glowing decor!

I got two strands of creeeepy glowing eyeballs, three Jack-O-Lantern lanterns, lots of purple mini-lights, and horrifying skeleton trying to burst out of jail.  Toby is terrified of this skeleton.  When you turn it on, his eyes light up, the head flies around, and he screams while he shakes the bars.  It's seriously crazy.  All of these decorations would have cost $120.  But since everything was 90% off, I got them for less than $15.  Now THAT'S a Happy Halloween!

Do you love Halloween?  What's your favorite thing about this spooky holiday?

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  1. Yes, I love Halloween. I guess my favorie thing is the decorations and the big pot of chili on my stove Halloween night. What are fairy tale pumpkins? Who picked out the skeleton - you or Travis? And why have we never been to WIlson Farms when we visited?:)