Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloweenie

Saturday morning was the long-awaited Halloween dachshund meet-up (aka...Halloweenie) on Boston Common.  Travis had a composers' meeting at Gordon College (where he teaches), so Toby and I took off for the festivities.

I love watching Toby when he's downtown.  He LOVES looking at the tall buildings through the sunroof.  When he's not gazing at the buildings above, his face is plastered to the window people-watching.  Happy, happy dog!

It was fun to see some of the same pups we met at Cape Cod Doxie Day.  Toby remembered a few and gave them an extra-enthusiastic wag.  Here are a few pictures of our favorite costumes!

Pea Pods!

Toby in his mummy costume

There were several lobsters present...this was my favorite

Toby hangin' out with a pumpkin.  I was so impressed by the dogs who didn't care there was stuff on their heads!

Toby with Batman and Robin

Sock monkey, bumble bee, and a little guy in a cute sweater!  Toby thought Sock Monkey's dad was AWESOME.

Super cute (homemade) dinosaur outfit!

Toby's friend, Paris, made a cute little pirate girl. 

Haley, the only doxie I've ever seen that's smaller than Toby, was a skunk.  So cute!

Crazy witch costume!
There were several mermaids present.  The winner of the costume contest was the one on the right.  Her "person" dressed up as a mermaid too.  So funny.


Caterpillar brothers
 Toby was so exhausted when we got home that he slept for the rest of the day.  Fun morning!


  1. Haha, that's awesome! I feel bad for the dog dressed like a skunk, though :(

    1. Hahaha. My favorite costumes were all the caterpillars. That costume was especially effective since the dachshunds were so long! All those little legs were so cute!

  2. As a former dachshund owner (and a current doxie aunt) I. Am. Dying. Love these!!!


    1. Thanks - dachshunds are the best. Thanks for stopping by!