Saturday, January 26, 2013

Favorites this week - January 26

It has been so cold here in Boston this week!  With lows in the single digits and highs in the low 20's, I've been scrambling from my car, to the office, to the car, and back home as quickly as I can.  No time for dilly dallying outside!

To make matters worse, our heat stopped working in our apartment for most of the week.  The makeshift solution husband figured out a few months ago gave out, so after short-lived stints of heat for the better part of the week and the thermostat not going above 50 degrees, we called the landlord.  I know...I know...just call the landlord the first time.  It's why you rent!  (Well...that and homes around Boston are crazy expensive.)  Oops.  :)

The plus to all of this is that Toby, our mini dachshund, came to work with me yesterday, since the plummer was going to be in and out of the apartment fixing things.  THAT makes for a fun day at work!
Toby's set-up for the day - toys, bones, blanket, cat bed, and tennis ball.  Now if he can just get that sweater off...

Now, on to some of my favorite blogs this week.  Several of the recipes would be perfect for the Super Bowl, so check'em out if you're hosting a party!

The Feta Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatballs from Iowa Girl Eats look a-mazing!  You could swap out the Feta for Bleu Cheese if you wanted to be a purist.
Get the recipe and make these meatballs!

I recently found A Beautiful Mess, and I had a hard time picking which of her blogs was my favorite this week.  Finally the Grapefruit Donuts won out...but her painted kitchen cabinets were a close second!
Every Super Bowl party needs a yummy Onion Dip...and A Spicy Perspective's recipe is as far as you need to search, as it calls for bacon and caramelized onions.  Mmmm...
Dip those chips!
I was really excited to come across a recipe for Chili Lime Cauliflower this week.  I've been trying to get husband to eat cauliflower with me for years...this may be the recipe to win him over!  It would also make a great side (that's not the predictable chips, beans, or salad) for fajitas or tacos!
What a way to enjoy cauliflower!
I've been wanting to hang more pictures of US in our apartment, and this week Young House Love shared how they are doing just that with their Instagram Photo Project.  I don't use Instagram (i know...only person out there not using it...), but you can totally do this with regular pictures too!
Such a fun way to display your family pictures!
And finally...the solution to the cold.  My cousins-in-law have the coolest life...ever.  They moved to St Croix (Virgin Islands) a few years ago and have been keeping a blog of their experiences.  Jeff is a Scuba/Dive guide (coolest job ever) and posted this blog from a recent dive when they came across a group of dolphins.  Watch the videos...and then check out the rest of their adventures!  They also have the best blog name ever - Life is short so are my pants.
Oh to be swimming with dolphins right now...

What were some of your favorite blogs this week?

*Here's to warmer weather next week*


  1. We're wishing for warmer weather, too! I keep dreaming of spring. Hope you can manage to stay warm this weekend!


  2. A colorful round-up of the week!! I like that I can find new blogs to read from your favorites blogs :)


  3. Awesome round up! Those meatballs look delicious. And, I love those frames!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  4. Love the round-up! And Toby is so adorable! We really need to get our little guys together for a playdate! I'm so jealous you can take him to work!

    1. We totally should have a play date! That would be so much fun. Toby looooves playing with my parent's 2 dachshunds in NC.

  5. I love Toby!! He looks great in his doggy jumper :) I wish I could take my dog Murphy to work too!!