Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Tail End of Christmas and New Years!

On Wednesday, Travis and I drove back to Boston from NC.  After 15 days away, it was bittersweet - we were ready to stop living out of our suitcases, but not ready to head back to the cold!  We made the drive in near-record time (12 hours)...and that included 6 stops AND getting lost twice.  Oops.  :)

The end of our trip consisted of a trip to Virginia for Jenny's (Trav's mom) family gathering and a fun New Year's party.  Virginia Christmas always takes place the Saturday after Christmas in Newport News, VA.  We start with lunch at a restaurant called Kelly's and then head over to their church for a huge gift swap.  It's always great to see everyone - being so far away, we only get to see most of them once a year.

Mallory and Me

Trav, David, and Me
Sarah and Michael

They also took the yearly round of family pictures

That night we drove back to NC with a caravan of Virginians in toe - Sarah (Trav's sister), Michael (Sarah's boyfriend), Lee, Christine, Mallory, and Andrew - who all stayed through New Year's. 

On New Year's Eve, more friends and family came over for the annual party.  We spent the evening eating (mmmmm) and playing games until the ball dropped.  Then most went outside for fireworks, which we get in our stockings every Christmas.  This year, since I was still getting over the "NC crud", I stayed inside.  I heard husband had a great time shooting roman candles at other fireworks.  Maybe it's better I didn't witness that...


  1. Sounds like a really lovely family holiday. Plenty of family, good food and fun! Did you have a favorite game out of all that you played? Reia from

  2. Hi there - new follower ! Love your blog and can't wait to read more!

    You have a big family. Nice,.

    Hope you have a great day! :)