Sunday, December 16, 2012

Playing with our camera

A few weeks ago, I headed to Burlington with our new fancy camera to take some pictures for our friends', Ann and Terence's, Christmas card.  It was a beautiful day (a beautiful day this time'a year is upper 40's) and sunny.  I was a little nervous I was going to wreck their Christmas card since we've only had our camera for a few months and I am NOT a pro, but was really pleased with the results.

They decided the photo should have themselves plus two of their fuzzy children (pups Amelia and Sara), and all were dressed to the nine's in their festive garb (the pups had little red bows).  So cute!

Check out some of the shots from the day!

I also took a few pictures at their house before we left for the park.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I can't find the words - these are SO good! Nice job! Reia from

  2. You made us look awesome! Thanks!! :-D

  3. Awe your pets are super cute! Coming over from thirsty thursday blog hop!