Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Photo Dump

We've had such a good time running from here to there the last week and a half, and have taken tons of random pictures along the way.  Here are a few things we've done so far.

We admired mamma's Christmas decorations and played with the puppies.  We had a full house this year - mom and dad's two dachshunds (Riley and Chloe), our dachshund (Toby), and Mark's big guy (Dexter).

Chloe, Toby, Riley and Dexter (behind the little guys)


Trav's parents' church has a Christmas talent show/party every year.  This year I decorated 4 dozen cupcakes for the party.  Most of them had buttercream Christmas wreathes with little red bows!

Wallace Edwards and his nine grandchildren sing every year.  So cute!
Telling the Christmas story.
 We hunted Christmas lights and found some doozies...

This tree is taller than the three-story house it's beside!

Saw the "Tire Tree" on 301 that ended up on Jeff Foxworthy's facebook page...

 Had family friends over for a Christmas dinner...

This morning, we're heading to Virginia for Jenny's family's Christmas get together - always the Saturday after Christmas!  I'm excited to see everyone since I missed last year, but it will be bittersweet since after lunch/presents, we're having a Memorial Service for Travis' sweet uncle.

Wanna see more pictures from our Christmas vacation so far?  Check out what we did on Christmas Day and the Chrismon ornaments I love so much!


  1. So many adorable doxies! And I love those cupcakes - they look delicious!!! Also, my mom totally has the same ceramic pig with the chalkboard! It is such a perfect kitchen addition! Hope you have a happy new year! xoxo, Sara

    1. SO many doxies - my pup is going to be so sad when we get back to Boston! I love that pig - my brother and I got it for my mom for Mother's Day a few years ago. He's a kitchen staple at her house! Happy 2013!

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip, your family, your church, your sweet animals and well - everything! Plus - the cupcakes are amazing! You take the best pictures! Reia from

  3. I love Christmas lights! :) Glad you are having a nice time Lauren!