Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day Trip to Salem, MA

This past weekend, Boston had some of the most beautiful weather we've seen in a while.  It's not often we get a Saturday in November with the high in the mid 60's!  We knew we had to get outside, so we called up our friends Emily and Jason and decided to head to Salem, MA for a day trip.

Four years ago, we ended up going to Salem 3-4 times within a relatively short period of time.  Needless to say, I needed a little break from the land of the witches, but I'd finally had enough time apart and was ready to go back.

We spent a lot of time going in all the shops downtown and had some lunch downtown at a the Front Street Coffee House.  Everything was delicious and the inside was really unique.  They had some of the coolest lamps hanging from the ceiling.  We were having such a good time I totally forgot to take pictures!  I promise I'll take some next time we go.  :)

Here's some of what I did manage to document with photos.  Some of these are courtesy of Emily.  Once you're finished looking at these pictures, you should go check out her blog.  :)

The common

Jason, me, and Travis.  There's a pretty silly gif Emily made from a whole series of these photos...check it out here!

House of the Seven Gables

If it was our last hurrah for the fall, it was a good one.  :)


  1. The pictures are SO good! I always enjoy your trips. I'm in the land of constant green for the most part so I love seeing the fall colors! As a genealogist - the gravestones fascinate me. Thanks for sharing your trip! Reia from

  2. My friend Renee just posted the link to this and I couldn't help but laugh since she is in New York. I'm actually in NH, about 35/40mins from Boston. But Salem is always fun especially closer to Halloween time, I love the Bewitched Statue. And the eery feeling you get walking in the Seven Gables and other haunted houses around the area. The shops are always fun too, you never know what you'll find!

  3. You are looking fabulous girrrrrrrrrrl!