Monday, June 17, 2013

Frozen Watermelon Lemonade

Last weekend I had a delicious drink at Not Your Average Joe's - a Frozen Watermelon Lemonade!  It pretty much sums up summer, doesn't it?

I liked it so much I decided to try to remake it here at home.  It's cool and refreshing, and the watermelon is a great addition to regular lemonade.  Even though it hasn't been super hot here in Boston, I know the heat's coming, and this will be the perfect thing to cool you down.  It's also really easy to make - just 3 ingredients!

Ingredients (for 1 tall glass)
1.5 cups lemonade (I used Nantucket Nectars)
1 cup frozen watermelon cubes
3-5 ice cubes

Cut watermelon into small cubes and freeze until hard (several hours).  Remove as many seeds as you can before you freeze!

Add ingredients to blender.  You can add more or less ice to get the desire "freeziness".  I ended up using 3.  

Don't want to use a blender?  Try just adding frozen watermelon to your lemonade as ice cubes!

Also, as promised, I'm announcing the winner of Thursday's Bag Giveaway.  I used's generator and when picking a number between 1 and 18, it picked 1!  That means Sara from Forever and a Recipe is the winner!  Sara - I'll be in touch - congrats!  If you didn't win, you can purchase The Grocer bag online if you'd like.

Stay cool!

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  1. Can't wait to try this recipe!! I love watermelon!

  2. Oh my gosh my girls would *love* this!! Off to pin it now!

  3. That looks so delicious I love watermelon! In fact I just ate some :)

  4. This sounds delicious - especially on a day like today! I look forward to trying some of these for our next cookout.

  5. Yum! That sounds good. I love watermelon so much. Add a little vodka and that drink would be even better! ;)

    1. Yes!! I think it would be good with hard lemonade too!

  6. Now this is something I am going to try ASAP! Yummy!