Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jerk Bird

Last year, I told you about the bird that got into our house.  There has been a bird living in our porch light since we moved in.  We just haven't had the heart to move her since she hasn't been causing lots of problems.  After all...a porch light IS a pretty fantastic place for a nest...we were impressed with her house hunting abilities.  The only issues we've had in our 2 years here were the two times she flew into our house.

This Spring, we've realized we probably should have evicted her this Winter, as she's now building a mansion of a bird's nest.  Every time Travis goes outside, he pulls down the extra "stuffing" to try to control the massive chateau-in-progress, but every morning when we wake up, our little friend has put it right back.  She's a driven little bird!

Now we've given up and are just trying to enjoy the last few weeks we'll be able to use our front door, as I'm sure she's now laid eggs, and there will be babies chirping away in a few weeks.  Right now I won't even let Travis turn on the light because I'm afraid it'll catch the nest on fire.  Oh dear.

Here's the video from when she flew into our house last November...Toby thought it was a LOT of fun!


  1. Hahah omg Lauren, the bird has established who the alpha on the property is!!