Monday, April 27, 2015

Crazy Life Updates - we're moving...and buying a house!!!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind!

Here's the short version...

WE'RE MOVING BACK TO NORTH CAROLINA!!! read that right.  We are so SO excited to move back to NC, but also really sad to leave Boston.  This is where we've spent our entire married life!  It's where Owen was born.  We have amazing friends who are really more like family.  I didn't really understand bittersweet until now.

Here are a few more details...
 - My job has agreed to let me work remotely - I'll still work for SERMO even when we move!  I'll just be doing it from home and traveling to Charlotte and Boston periodically.  
 - Travis doesn't have a job yet, but will be looking.  In the meantime, he'll be composing, watching Owen, and teaching lessons.  While we're at it...if you live in the Raleigh/Johnston County area, spread the word that there's an awesome trumpet and composition teacher!  We'll be forever in your debt if you can help him build a studio.

If that wasn't enough, WE PUT AN OFFER IN ON A HOUSE!

My brain is swimming.  We finally (after three days of negotiating) came to an agreement with a seller and are signing the paperwork tonight!  Now for the inspections and loans and  If everything goes smoothly, closing will be June 30.  WHAT???  Wow...

So that's our news. 

Say a prayer everything goes smoothly, and another for our nerves as we do this from afar.

Here goes nothin!!!


  1. Huge life changes are so exciting! Can't wait to hear more details. Good luck and God bless.
    Maralyn Woods

  2. I feel excited for you. Good Luck on the move.
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Well, moving doesn’t necessarily mean you’re leaving your memories behind. It’s a chance to create more in your new place. I wish you luck on your next home! And it's a good thing that you already sold your house, so you won't have to worry about it while getting ready for your move. Anyway, I hope you've already settled at your new place. All the best!

    Veronica Perry @ FirstFairwayRealty

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  5. It’s interesting that you are moving back to North Carolina, yet still keep your Boston job. But yes, it is quite stunning that you are leaving the place where a lot of your life events have occurred. But do not worry too much about it, since you are on the verge of creating new ones for yourself as well as your family.

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

  6. How exciting! Is this your first house buying experience? It's good that your job will let you work remotely. It sounds like things are coming together for you. I've been to North Carolina once. I went to this cool little city called Asheville. It had a lot going on and was pretty hip for the south. I would visit again.

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