Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3 Ingredient Pot Roast

One of my "back-pocket" recipes is a three ingredient roast.  If three ingredients aren't easy enough...it's also made in the crock pot!


Beef or Pork Roast
1-1.5 20 ounce bottles Pepsi
2-3 bottles BBQ Sauce


For this recipe, you can either use a pork or beef roast.  Hubby's favorite is the beef, so that's what we usually end up going with.

Put your meat in the crock pot.  Pour 2 bottles of BBQ sauce over meat.  Pour in one 20 ounce bottles of Pepsi and stir.

Depending on how large the beef/pork you're using is, you might wish to add more BBQ sauce and Pepsi.  Just make sure to add these in a 2:1 ratio!

Cook 8-10 hours on low or 4-5 hours on high (or until done).

Slice and serve!  I like to fill a gravy boat with the sauce for you to pour over your meet while eating.  SO good!

Do you have any favorite recipes that only use a few ingredients?

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