Thursday, September 20, 2012

Newport and Plymouth Rock

My parents came up for a visit over Labor Day a few weeks ago.  Since we've "done Boston" with them over and over (and over) again, we decided to do several day trips over the long weekend!

The first day they were here, we went to Newport, Rhode Island.  One of my favorite things to do in Newport is the Cliff Walk.  The Cliff Walk is a beautiful 3.5 mile trail along Newport's eastern shoreline along a (you guessed it...) cliff!  To you left, water.  To your right, some of the largest mansions ever!

Along the cliff walk is one of the Vanderbilt's summer homes, The Breakers.  The home was amazing - here are a few shots of the outside of the property.

The Breakers' backyard...

The front of The Breakers

After touring The Breakers, we went back to Newport's downtown area and walked around before heading back home to Travis and Toby.

Sunday, we decided to take a trip to Plymouth, MA, to see the famed Plymouth Rock!  Plymouth is SUCH a cute seaside town.  The rock itself, is a little unimpressive.  The lady at the visitor's center was telling us that when she moved to Plymouth in the 70's, the souvenir shops were selling postcards with pieces of the rock on them.  She assumed that the pieces of rock had to be fake, but later found out they were real!  While she should have shelled out $4 for a piece of the rock back then, things like that are what helped turn the original boulder into a 3 foot rock.  Oh well.  :)

Mayflower replica

Path along the water where the original settlement was
Jenney Grist Mill

Old firetruck! 
Inside the courthouse

National Monument to the Forefathers - this was the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty!
Love my mamma!

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  1. Plymouth is one lovely place indeed. The town is quite pleasant and it’s surrounded by a vast sea, which looks gorgeous during sunset. But, of course, who can forget the famous Mayflower replica and Plymouth Rock!