Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Today I woke up and immediately thought “It’s Father’s Day!  I need to call dad!!”  Then I realized, since it was 8:30, he’d be at the early service at church…so a text would do (hopefully his phone was off) until church was finished.

My next thought brought me back to 6 months ago and how close we came to losing him…and I wanted to get on a plane to go give him a hug.  This father’s day would have been a lot different if it had not been for quick thinking (and acting) doctors, nurses and EMT’s, friends and family who prayed for his recovery, and a God who watches over us and truly is the great physician. 

I love my dad every day and have always thought Father’s Day was special…but have never been more thankful for him on “Dad’s Day” than today.  I love you!!

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